Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2004 • VOLUME 10 • №1


B.S. Sukovatykh, L.K. Belikov, O.A. Rodionov, I.G. Rodionova, M.B. Sukovatykh, Yu.I. Gorbachev
Chair of General Surgery, Kursk State Medical University,
Kursk, Russia

This paper analyses the results of sclerotherapy provided to 89 patients with small pelvis varicosis. Selection of the treatment technology depended on the clinical variant of disease. In patients with damage to the parietal venous system of the pelvis, the treatment was realized by multiple repeat injections of a sclerosing agent to the pelvic veins in a minimal dose which may induce only proliferative processes in varicose vein walls. Elastic compression was not applied. Women with the syndrome of blood overfilling of the pelvic organs (visceral pattern of lesion) were provided sclerotherapy of the left ovarian vein followed by its pharmacological spasm. The treatment results were evaluated by clinical examination of patients, duplex scanning end estimation of the quality of life based on the patients' self-estimation according to the recommendations of the International Association of Phlebologists. Excellent results were obteined in 32.6%, good in 46.1%, satisfactory in 19.1% and unsatisfactory results in 2.2% of patients.

KEY WORDS: varicosis, pelvic veins, sclerotherapy technology, treatment results.

P. 104

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