Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

1998 • VOLUME 4 • №3-4


G.V. Savrasov, E.I. Danilm
N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University,
N.A. Semashko Central Clinical Hospital №4,
Moscow, Russia

Description of an effective medical technology – ultrasonic endarterectomy – is given. The metod is based on the use of low-frequency ultrasound for desobliteration of occluded atherosclerotic arteries. The priority in the development of this technology belongs to Russia.

The construction of ultrasound instrument enables to obtain smooth inner surface of arterial wall and to reduce significantly the risk of recurrent thrombosis. Results of ultrasonic endarterectomies in 328 patients with lower limb artery lesions are analyzed. Total number of procedures was 344. The analysis reveals that treatment outcome depends on the condition of distal arterial trunk and initial grade of lower limb ischemia. Follow-up study for 5 years showed that the patency in operated arteries in groups of patients with good and satisfactory condition of peripheral circulation was maintained in 58.2% and 52.7% of cases.

Ultrasonic endarierectomy permits:

  1. to perform effective arierial desobliteration infem-oro-popliteal segment;
  2. to reduce to 2-3 times the duration of the procedure;
  3. to refuse from artificial vascular grafts;
  4. to avoid the use of great saphenous vein and save it for another purposes.

P. 96

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