Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2000 • VOLUME 6 • №3


A.G. Kaydorin, A.M. Karaskov, V.S. Rudenko, M.G. Chegoshev, V.B. Starodubtsev

The possibilities of ultrasonary Doppler scanning imaging according to problems of surgical phlebo logy have been research from December, 1993. It was studied: closed function of the deep vein valve, the sources and ways of spreading the pathological blood flow – refluxes in the different segments of extremity vein system, the tonicelastic characteristics of the vein wall. The experience more than 670 patients with varicose disease, 50 – postrombotic and 80 – patients without clinical and anamnestic data on phlebopathology permited to light the new possibilities of this method in showing the qualitative descriptions of the phlebo-hemodynamics disturbances. Reflux, found through concrete valve will always be define on its form in the plane scanning, close in horizontal vein section. It was found the strict conformity of reflux "form" to type of vein valve insufficiency. This allow to do exact preopera five differentiate diagnostics of different orgame valve defects from their relative insufficiency. The found symptom of "the absence reaction vein wall" the deep mains as well as some types "Proliferation" and "Pathological drainage of musclevein sinuses" shin should be regard as pathognomonic symptoms of varicose disease. Developed technique of the examination in condition of the vein system lower extremities allows to receive the complete information to perform the exact tonic and differencial phlebological diagnosis. The symptoms of reaction absence the vein wall and pathological drainage of musclevein shin sinus as well as some symptoms joint in "Form " and "Proliferation" groups of reflux flow. These groups are pathognomonic for varicose disease and they may be use in the system of early prognosis development the such pathology on the base of screening use by this technique.

KEY WORDS: ultrasonary color doppler scanning, phlebohemodynamics lower extremities.

P. 35-36

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