Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2012 • VOLUME 18 • №3

Possibilities of decreasing radiation load during MSRT coronarography: using adaptive statistic iterative reconstruction

Sinitsyn V.E., Glazkova M.A., Mershina E.A., Arhipova I.M.

Aim. To assess the effective dose of irradiation and quality of the obtained images while using the algorithm of adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (ASIR).

Materials and methods. A total of 57 patients were examined using by means of computed tomography (CT), coronarography in the mode of retrospective synchronization. In 27 patients we used the filtered algorithm of filtered back projection (FBP) in the postprocessing treatment, in 30 patients – underwent ASIR algorithm. In all patients we measured the level of contrast, noise and signal/noise ratio (SNRs).

Results. There were no significant difference by the level of contrast, noise and SNRs in the two groups of patients. The effective dose of using ASIR was less by 45,9% than while using FBP (8,7 [3,5] mZv and 16,1 [1,4] mZv, respectively, p<0,0001).

Conclusion. Using 40% of ASIR while performing CT coronarography makes it possible to considerably decrease the effective dose of irradiation of patients without loosing los of diagnostic information.

KEY WORDS: radiation load, adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction, filtered back projection algorithm.

P. 49

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