Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2012 • VOLUME 18 • №4

Penetrating atherosclerotic ulcers of the aorta

Pokrovsky A.V., Vafina G.R.

Department of Surgery of the Aorta and its Branches of the B.V. Petrovsky Russian Scientific Centre of Surgery, Moscow, Russia

Widespread use of various present-day visual methods of study has made it possible to increase the frequency of revealing penetrating atherosclerotic ulcers, known to be ulcerations of an atherosclerotic plaque thorough the intimal elastic lamina into the medial layer of the aortic wall. The review deals with the literature data regarding the clinical picture, pathogenesis, diagnosis, policy of management and treatment of complications of penetrating atherosclerotic ulcers. The problem concerning the choice between surgical and endovascular treatment of penetrating atherosclerotic ulcers has been elucidated insufficiently in the present-day literature.

KEY WORDS: penetrating atherosclerotic ulcer of the aorta, acute aortic syndrome, intramural haematoma.

P. 14

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