Европейский сосудистый курс(Маастрихт, Голландия, 8-10 марта 2015 г.)


Европейский сосудистый курс
(Маастрихт, Голландия, 8-10 марта 2015 г.)

Уважаемые коллеги, информируем вас о том, что в марте 2015 г. в Нидерландах (Маастрихт) был проведен очередной Европейский сосудистый курс.

Европейский сосудистый курс 2016

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Европейский сосудистый курс Dearest colleague,

This newsletter informs you on the recent European Vascular Course which was organized on March 8-10, 2015 in Maastricht, the Netherlands. One day earlier, the UEMS Section and Board of Vascular Surgery organized the European examinations for vascular surgery.

Click here for the statistics of EVC 2015, showing that we hosted almost 2000 participants. You can also read the outcome of the questionnaire, expressing high rates for the content and organization of EVC. All delegates enjoyed the numerous master classes, workshops and individual training sessions. We have offered three textbooks on arterial, venous and vascular access subjects and all manuscripts can also be found on PubMed since they are published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery, Phlebology and the Journal of Vascular Access.

If you have a look at the age distribution of our participants it is clear that EVC is typically attractive for the younger vascular and endovascular surgeon. This also explains why all the master classes and workshops were fully booked. The difficult quiz was completed by 236 delegates and only 8 reached a 100% score. All names of the 8 winners are published on our website and a ballot decided that Chloe Grossen wins the IPad.

You can also find the photo gallery at www.vascular-course.com.

Next year, we will organize the 20th EVC (March 6-8, 2016) and we will have even more master classes and workshops to teach, instruct and educate in the most broadest way. High technical 3 dimensional working stations will be introduced to train you in surgical anatomy and device implantation. The full spectrum of surgical and endovascular techniques will be offered by means of life-like models, simulators and work stations. We will keep you informed and hope to welcome you at EVC in March 2016!

On behalf of all EVC co-directors,
Michael Jacobs, Cees Wittens and Jan Tordoir

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