Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2011 • VOLUME 17 • №3

Remote results of open and endovascular operations in correction of occlusive and stenotic lesions of the femoropopliteal arteries

Zatevakhin I.I., Shipovskii V.N., Zolkin V.N. Bogomazov I.Yu., Dzhurakulov Sh.R.
Surgical Diseases Department of the Paediatric Faculty Russian State Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov, Moscow, Russia

Analysed in the article are the long-term outcomes of open reconstructive operations and endovascular interventions performed in patients presenting with occlusive and stenotic lesions of the superficial femoral artery. Between September 1996 and December 2009. A total of 226 open operations and 151 endovascular interventions were carried out in 327 patients suffering from occlusive and stenotic lesions of the superficial femoral artery. The 3-year primary patency rates were as follows: 63.7% in the PTFE-graft-mediated repair group, 77.5% in the group of autovenous bypass grafting, and 52.9% in the group of endovascular operations, with 5-year primary patency amounting to 49.4%, 68.9% and 43.7 %, respectively.

KEY WORDS: superficial femoral artery, balloon angioplasty, stenting, femoropoplitecal bypass.

P. 62

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