2nd MASTERCL@SS LIVE (16-17 January 2020, Hamburg, Germany)


Thursday 16th and Friday 17th January, Hamburg, Germany

Don't miss your chance to take part in our fantastic webcast and face to face educative event on state of the art of current invasive vascular therapies.

This year the focus will be on:
Invasive treatment of lower extremity Peripheral Occlusive Disease.

You can choose to attend the event on site or watch it live on line (free for ESVS members).

Have a look at some of the procedures planned:

  • Endovascular treatment of popliteal artery aneurysm (Raffaele Pulli)
  • CERAB (Pekka Aho)
  • Dorsolateral peroneal approach (Sebastian Debus)
  • Inframalleolar bypass with micro flap (Anders Albäck)
  • Percutaneous DVA – LimFlow procedure (Steven Kum)

Full programme: www.esvs.org/masterclass_old/2020-masterclass/progrmme/.

  • Inframalleolar bypass with micro flap (Anders Albäck, Ilkka Hantonen – Finland)
  • Popliteal adventia cyst degeneration (Kevin Cassar, UK)
  • Endovascular treatment of popliteal artery aneurysm (Raffaele Pulli, Italy)
  • In Situ Bypass (Kim Houlind, Denmark)
  • CERAB (Pekka Aho, Finland)

Registration:  www.esvs.org/masterclass_old/2020-masterclass/registration/.

On Thursday 16th January at 08:00 (CET), head to the ESVS website, enter your email and the code you have been given in your confirmation email to watch live all the procedures and lectures!
> ESVS members benefit from free access online.

Or join us on site in Hamburg to discuss with the experts and attend the lectures and lunch discussions.
> NEW this year: students from Hamburg can buy a 1 day pass for 25€, at any time during the event, directly from the registration desk at Erika Haus, Eppendorf Hospital.