Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

1998 • VOLUME 4 • №1


V.S. Saveliev, V.I. Prokubovsky, Ye.G. Yablokov
Chair of Faculty Surgery, Russian State Medical University,
Moscow, Russia

The authors report on a novel "sandglass "cava-filter. Describe its design, the technique of implantation and the short-term results of its application in 71patients. On the basis of the data obtained during experimental studies in vitro and in vivo they analyze the clot-trap ping efficacy of the "sandglass "cava-filter and the in fluenceit exerts on inferior vena cava hemodynamics. Make a comparative evaluation of the novel cava-filter versus a REPTELA cava-filter widely used in Russia today.

P. 14-19

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