Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

1998 • VOLUME 4 • №2


A.S. Krikovtsov, S. Vjvanov, A.I. Anufriev, A.A. Kapustin, L.S. Barbarash
The Kemerovo Scientific-Practical Cardiological Center of the Siberin Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences,
Kemerovo, Russia

In present-day practical vascular surgery there exist two standpoints regarding infrainguinal arterial replacement. Several surgeons believe that autovein grafts are the only and obligatory prerequisite for femora-popliteal arterial reconstruction. Others recommend using synthetic grafts as a primary material. Seventy-one patients (55 men and 16 women aged 34-75) were admitted to the Department for Vascular Surgery of the Kemerovo Scientific-Practical Cardiological Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. All the patients had clinical signs of occlusion of femoroproximal popliteal bypass grafts. Fifty-three patients underwent autovein bypass grafting and 18 bypass grafting with a biological graft prepared from a bovine internal thoracic artery. An analysis of late results of secondary operations (at there years) has revealed certain advantages of use of biological vascular grafts as primary material for femoro-proximal popliteal bypass grafting. Use of such surgical tactics make successful repeated operations on infrainguinal arteries possible and prolongs the terms of sustained lower extremity functioning.

P. 102-109

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