Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

1998 • VOLUME 4 • №3-4


V.M. Koshkin, A-L. Kirienko, S.G. Leontjev, Y.E. Agafonov

This study is devoted to a new therapeutic method – systemic enzyme therapy (SET). Oral administration of plant and animal enzyme combination provokes modulation of the host own enzyme systems and optimization of physiologic and physiopathologic processes. The most common SET mixtures are Wobenzym and Phlobenzym. The main peculiarity of the method is broad variety of indications (related to normalizing impact of SET on immune system and homeostasis), good tolerance and physiologic adjustment. The report consists of literature review and original results of SET efficacy assessment in angiology and surgical practice. The main mechanisms of SET effect are described including influence on peripheral vascular pathology – acute and chronic vein diseases, obliterating arteri-opathy, etc. Authors recommend wide introduction in practice of this method.

P. 130

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