Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

1999 • VOLUME 5 • №1


Burleva Ye.P., Smirnov O.A.
City Public health management, Administration of the city of Ekaterinburg,
City Clinical Hospital Emergency,
Ekaterinburg, Russia

In this review there is an analysis of the reported data on chronic critical limb ischemia which ranks among the central problems of current angiology in terms of its complexity and judgement discrepancy. We analyze the epidemiology, prognosis and treatment policy as well as the basic medical and economic approaches. The key problem lies in the definition of chronic critical limb ishemia. Accurate specification of this condition is required not only for solving the problems of the treatment policy and management but also for the design of the successful economic policy of the medical institution.

The prospective investigations should be aimed at the unification of the treatment policy in the presence of the comparable randomized data, at the multi-centre studies of the patient population and at the "cost-effect" analysis. The solving of the problem along these lines will make it possible to work out both optimal general strategy and individual tactic approaches to the management of patients suffering from chronic critical limb ischemia.

P. 17-21

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