Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

1999 • VOLUME 5 • №3


P.O. Kazanchan, V.A. Popov, Yu.V. Debely, O.A. Aluhanyan
Vascular Surgery Department Moscow Regional Scientific Research Clinical Institute,
Moscow, Russia

Fifty four unilateral reconstructions of ilio-femoral segment were performed by eversion endarterectomy (first group). Results were compared with 212 unilateral reconstructions by synthetic prostheses (second group). Endarterectomy from common and external iliac arteries was fulfilled in 38 (70.4%) patients, from external – in 16 (29.6%) patients. In the first group no deaths occured. Ankle index of pressure (AIP) increased postoperatively on 0.52±0.07 after flow restitution in both femoral arteries; in the group of patients with flow restituted only in deep femoral artery AIP increased on 0.23±0.05. Postoperative follow-up of 48 months or less showed cummulative arterial patency after endarterectomy to be 91.3%. No infectious complications or false aneurysm formation were observed. In the second group there were 2 deaths (0.9%). Graft infection was observed in 3 cases (1.7%), in 1 case (0.6%) – false aneurysm of distal anastomosis. Cumulative graft patency during the same period was 94.8%. It was assumed that endarterectomy is preferable to synthetic vascular grafts for reconstruction of aorto-ilio-femoral segment, as the risk of infectious complication or false aneurysm formation is lower, and patency of reconstructed arteries being high up to 48 months follow-up.

KEY WORDS: Version endarterectomy, aorto-femoral reconstructions.

P. 71-80

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