Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

1999 • VOLUME 5 • №4


G.D. Konstantinova
Center of Outpatient Polyclinical Surgery, Russian Academy of Sciences,
Moscow, Russia

Many questions related to sclerotherapy (ST) of varicose veins remain a matter of controversy not only in Russia but also abroad where this modality is used on a wide scale. Based on the experience gained with the treatment of 1138 patients presenting with pathology indicated the author expresses her opinion of a number of problems. It is emphasized that ST alone should be used only in persons without pathological venovenous run-off and that indications for intraoperative (IOST) and postoperative sclerotherapy (POST) should be broader. Today ultrasound diagnosis and ultrasound angioscanning in particular are of paramount importance for establishment of the indications for treatment. The author advances her views of the choice of a phlebosclerosing agent, its concentration any dosage, regarding any modern drug as suitable for I0ST and ethoxysclerol (polidocanol) as the best one for POST, and provides evidence for the use of vertical mono positional ST.

KEY WORDS: sclerotherapy, lower extremity varicosity.

P. 74

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