Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2000 • VOLUME 6 • №2


John J. Bergan

In the 36-month period after October 1, 1992, 20 patients were seen who experienced profuse external hemorrhage from subcutaneous varicose veins or intracutaneous telangiectasias. These were, for the most part, elderly with the 11 women averaging 68.9 years of age, and the 8 men (exclusive of the 14-year-old boy) averaging 58.6 years of age. None of the episodes of bleeding occurred in patients with venous ulcer, and trauma was not a factor in producing bleeding. The bleeding was characterized by high-pressure jet effect which caused a fountain-like hemorrhage to occur. Hemorrhage was stopped by local pressure, and definitive treatment was by sclerotherapy, surgical removal of sources of venous hypertension, or combinations of these. Continuous-wave, Doppler evaluation assisted in selecting patients for surgery, and duplex ultrasound provided information which guided the surgical events. A complete review of previously reported cases suggests this is a dangerous and not trivial complication of venous hypertension and varicosities. Suggested management is outlined.

KEY WORDS: varicose veins, external hemorrhage.

P. 53-60

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