Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2000 • VOLUME 6 • №3


G.D. Konstantinova, E.D. Donskaya

The authors have been using sclerosurgical procedure for vein varices for 10 years. The method comprises from intraoperative sclerosing obliteration of great and small saphenous veins and postoperative puncture sclerotherapy of variceal branches. Phlebosclerosing agent – aethoxisklerol was used in almost all cases. 5-8 ml of 1.5% solution was used intraoperatively, 1-3% solution – for postoperative sclerotherapy depending on the degree of venous ectasla. No local or systemic complications were observed. Sclerosurgery, endoscopic dissection of perforating veins, cosmetic sutures, sutureless wound management are main components of contemporary phlebosurgery allowing to provide radical therapy of vein varices without impairment of life quality.

KEY WORDS: lower limb vein varices, sclerotherapy, aethoxisklerol.

P. 46

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