Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2005 • VOLUME 11 • №1


Yu.T. Tsoukanov, A.Yu. Tsoukanov
Omsk State Medical Academy, Chair of Surgical Diseases,
Center for Advanced Training,
Omsk, Russia

The paper describes an experience gained with surgical treatment of 211 patients suffering from different forms of varicosity, seen between 1998 and 2003. In these patients, use was made of the technical procedures that provide for application of microaccesses. The complex of such procedures was in a good agreement with the notion "precision surgery of the veins" which implied: 1) the high precision of the topical diagnosis of varicose veins; 2) the use of a specialized kit of miniaturized tools and local bias lighting adapted to microaccesses; 3) primary use of microaccesses for venectomies of varicose vessels; 4) location of microaccesses above the involved veins, first of all, in the area of their tributaries. For integral evaluation of the degree of skin lesion the authors propose the use of an objective characterization, namely "the total length of skin incisions". It is determined by summarization of the lengths of all surgical incisions performed. In patients who underwent operation on one leg, it accounted for 15 to 50 mm (28±3 mm.). The precision approach to venous surgery provided for rapid painless return to the initial status after operation and complete rehabilitation of the patients for the first week, with positive rememberances evidencing the high easiness of the treatment carried out. All the patients operated on in such a way noted the high level of the quality of life both on the day of operation and subsequently in the immediate postoperative period.

KEY WORDS: varicosis, microaccess, precision venous surgery.

P. 84

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