Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2005 • VOLUME 11 • №1


G.R. Askerkhanov, M.A. Kazakmurzaev, S.G. Adilkhanov, R.M. Rokhoeva
Clinic of Faculty Surgery, Dagestan State Medical Academy, R.P. Askerkhanov Medical Center,
Makhachkala, Russia

This paper deals with a new low-invasive method for catheter scleroobliteration of the trunks of the greater and lesser saphenous veins using a balloon multichannel catheter (CBST).The authors make a comparative evaluation of the efficacy of combined phlebectomy (the first control group, n=80), traditional intraoperative trunkal catheter sclerotherapy (the second control group, n=22) and of the technique offered (the third study group, n=50) in patients and outpatients seen at the Vascular Department of the regional clinical hospital and at the R. P. Askerkhanov Medical Center,Makhachkala, between September 2001 and January 2004. The new technology lies in catheter scleroobliteration of the saphenous vein trunk and ostial tributaries without crossectomy by means of temporary occlusion of the saphenofemoral or saphenopopliteal anastomoses using a catheter balloon. The use of the given technology allowed to activate the patients directly after operation and to avoid complications common to crossectomy and phleboextraction according to Babcock. In the first group, the good isolate results were obtained in 9 (11.2%) patients on 9 operated legs; the results were satisfactory in 66 (82.5%) patients on 104 operated legs; the results appeared unsatisfactory in 5 (6.3%) patients. In the second group, good results with complete obliteration of the lumen of the saphenous vein trunk: were recorded on days 7-10 after operation in 16 (72.776) patients on 23 (79.355) lower limbs, satisfactory results in 5 (22.7%) persons on 5 (17.2%) lower limbs; the result was unsatisfactory in one (4.6%) patient. In the third group, good results were obtained in 42 (84%) patients on 58 (86.6%) lower limbs; the results turned out unsatisfactory in 8 (16%) patients on 9 (13.4%) lower limbs.

Judging from the short- and long-term results, CBST marked by the high radicality and low traumatism makes it possible to achieve a beneficial cosmetic effect which allows to recommend it for wide use in outpatient practice.

KEY WORDS: lower limb varicosity, catheter scleroobliteration, combined phlebectomy, duplex scanning.

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