Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2005 • VOLUME 11 • №2


V.M. Shipulin, B.N. Kozlov, N.V. Korovin, S.A. Afanasiev
Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, the State Institution ResearchInstitute of Cardiology, Tomsk Scientific Center, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences,
Tomsk, Russia

In coronary surgery, the problem of pharmacological prevention of vasospasm of the bypass from the radial artery (RA) remains unsolved until now. In view of this circumstance the authors propose a method for the use of aminazine (chlorpromazine), a phenothiazine series inhibitor of calmodulin, for prevention of vasospasm of auto-arterial bypasses from the RA at coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). An analysis was made of the results of 30 CABGs using the RA conduit. The operations were performed at the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, SI Research Institute of Cardiology, TSC, SB RAMS. The experimental data presented herein demonstrate that intraoperative treatment of the exposed RA by aminazine solution in a concentration of 10-6 M/L may prevent spasm of the bypass from the RA for a long time. Control bypassgraphy carried out over the first postoperative week has revealed that all the bypasses from the RA are functionally competent.So, the method proposed allows a reliable, effective and prevention of perioperative spasm of autoarterial bypasses from the RA at CABG.

KEY WORDS: radial artery, aminazine, coronary artery bypass grafting.

P. 122

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