Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2008 • VOLUME 14 • №1


Strakhov S.N., Burkov I.V.
Federal State Facility Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Paediatrics and Paediatric Surgery under the Russian Medical Technologies,
Moscow, Russia

A total of two hundred and twentyeight patients suffering from sinistral varicocele were diagnosed with renal phlebohypertension pressure varying from 10/8 (9) to 30/28 (29) mmHg and stenosis (18), retroaortal compression (12), aortomesenteric compression (198) of the left renal vein with dilatation of the left testicular vein (198).

The following operations aimed at the formation of veintovein anastomoses were performed: a testiculoiliac anastomosis (182), testicularinferiorepigastric anastomosis (22) and renocaval anastomosis (5). The operation according to the Ivanissevich's technique was carried out in nineteen patients. Varicocele was removed in all the operated on patients.

A catamnestic followup examination was carried out in ninetysix operated on patients, and in eightytwo cases, hypertension in the left renal vein was eliminated.

KEY WORDS: varicocele, phleborenohypertension, venous anastomoses.

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