Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2009 • VOLUME 15 • №3

Pain and other symptoms of chronic venous diseases: pathophysiology and therapeutic principles

Bogachev V.Yu., Shekoyan A.O.

Chair of Faculty Surgery with the Course of Cardiovascular Surgery Department for Advanced Medical Training, Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia

The literature review presented herein analyses the mechanism of the development of pain and other subjective signs and symptoms in chronic venous diseases. Also discussed are numerous findings suggesting a pivotal role played by the leukocytic-endothelial inflammatory reaction as the main stimulator of the nociceptors of the venous wall and paravasal tissue, resulting in formation of the pain syndrome. This is followed by substantiating the necessity of early initiation of comprehensive conservative therapy making it possible to block the molecular and cellular mechanisms damaging the venous wall and microcirculatory bed in patients presenting with various stages of venous chronic diseases.

KEY WORDS: venous pain, nociceptors, chronic venous diseases, detralex.

P. 85

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