Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2009 • VOLUME 15 • №3

A favourable outcome of combined treatment in a patient with renal artery embolism and atrial fibrillation

Ivanov L.N., Medvedev A.P., Nemirova S.V., Kosonogov A.Ya.

Nizhni Novgorod State Medical Academy, the Clinical Hospital, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia

Presented herein is a clinical case report regarding a patient who was found to have embolism of the right renal artery with accompanying atrial fibrillation. Open surgery is viewed as a method of choice amongst a variety of the available treatment modalities aimed at re-establishing renal blood supply impaired due to embolism of the renal artery trunk. This clinical example demonstrates a possibility of successful renal revascularization undertaken 72 hours after renal artery embolism. The decision to simultaneously perform a combined surgical intervention consisting of embolectomy from the bifurcation of the renal artery, thrombectomy from it branches, and finally followed by radiofrequency ablation of the cava-tricuspidal isthmus, turned out an appropriate therapeutic policy which yielded a patientfriendly immediate outcome as well as favourable remote results persisting over time.

KEY WORDS: renal artery embolism, embolectomy radiofrequency ablation.

P. 126

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