Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2010 • VOLUME 16 • №4


Neimark M.I., Akatov A.V.
Chair of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation State Educational Facility of Higher Professional Education Altai State Medical University, General Clinical Hospital at the railroad station Barnaul of the Open Joint-Stock Company «Russian Railways»,
Barnaul, Russia

To avoid the characteristic for thrombolytic therapy of pulmonary embolism problems associated with low efficacy and elevated danger haemorrhagic complications may, in our opinion, be possible by means of the method of local thrombolysis worked out in our Clinic (RF Patent No 2376042). The present work was aimed at assessing efficacy of local thrombolysis in patients diagnosed as having pulmonary artery embolism with the drugs Urokinase and Aktilyse. We examined a total of twenty patients. Ten Group One patients underwent local thrombolysis with Urokinase, and the remaining ten Group Two patients were treated with Aktilyse. We studied the parameters of central and pulmonary haemodynamics. Local thrombolysis with Urokinase and Aktilyse in patients with pulmonary artery embolism turned out to equally efficiently reestablish blood flow in the pulmonary artery, which was confirmed by normalization of central haemodynamics maximally 2 hours after carrying out thrombolytic therapy with Urokinase, with Aktilyse accelerating this process to take 1 hour only. The proposed method makes it possible to decrease the dose of fibrinolytic agents twofold as compared with the recommended guidelines of the Pharmacopoeia, without losing their efficacy and ensures prevention of haemorrhagic complications.

KEY WORDS: pulmonary artery thromboembolism, phlebothrombosis, fibrinolytics, thrombolysis.

P. 43-46

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