Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2015 • VOLUME 21 • №1

Endovascular laser obliteration in treatment of patients with varicose veins with trophic disorders

Rodoman G.V.1,2, Shalaeva T.I.1,2, Naumov E.K.1,2, Naumova E.E.1

1) Chair of General Surgery and Radiodiagnosis, Russian National Research Medical University name after N.I. Pirogov,
2) Municipal Clinical Hospital No24 of the Department of Health Care, Moscow, Russia

The authors studied efficacy and safety of endovasal laser obliteration (EVLO) in treatment for varicose veins in patients with trophic disorders, carrying out comparative analysis of the outcomes of treatment of 95 patients subjected to EVLO (Study Group) or combined phlebectomy (Control Group).

It was shown that EVLO is accompanied by less traumatic lesion of tissues during interventions, thus leading to more rapid relief of oedemas of lower limbs and reduction of trophic skin disorders. In patients with open trophic ulcers with an area of more than 10 cm2 healing occurred averagely one month faster than in those after phlebectomy. Hence, EVLO may be recommended as a preferable technique in treatment of varicose veins in patients with trophic disorders. However, if the diameter of the venous trunk exceeds 1 cm there is a probability of its recanalization even in the remote period after the intervention.

KEY WORDS: varicose veins, trophic disorders, venous ulcer, endovasal laser obliteration.

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