Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2015 • VOLUME 21 • №2

Minimally invasive method of correction of valvular insufficiency of the femoral vein in various causes of its origin genesis

Shvalb P.G., Gryaznov S.V.

Regional Clinical Cardiological Dispensary, Ryazan, Russia

Presented herein are the results of treatment of patients with chronic venous insufficiency and trophic ulcers of lower limbs on the background of varicose disease and postthrombophlebitic syndrome. The treatment consisted in removal of pathological deep vertical venous reflux by means of a modified method of dosed narrowing of the femoral vein according to P.G. Shvalb’s technique [1]. The obtained outcomes confirmed the necessity of influencing the pathological vertical deep venous reflux in patients with severe forms of chronic venous insufficiency and pronounced retrograde shunt along deep veins.

KEY WORDS: trophic ulcer, varicose disease, postthrombophlebitic syndrome, pathological vertical deep venous reflux, dosed narrowing of the femoral vein.

P. 87

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