Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2015 • VOLUME 21 • №4

European venous forum
(Saint-Petersburg, July 2-4, 2015)

Porembskaya O.Ya.1, Ilyukhin E.A.2, Shaidakov E.V.1

1) Institute of Experimental Medicine,
2) Clinic "Medalp", Saint Petersburg, Russia

At the beginning of July 2015 Saint-Petersburg for several days turned out to be in the centre of events of the European Phlebological Community. It became the venue for more than 800 participants of the European Venous Forum (EVF) from 60 countries of the world and 67 regions of Russia. It was for the first time over 16 years of the existence of this European-largest phlebological organization that Russia was afforded the honour for holding the conference. The article deals with a review of the main materials presented at the Forum, as well as the most interesting trends of the development of modern phlebology.

KEY WORDS: European Venous Forum, compression knitwear, thrombolysis, thrombectomy, varicose veins, post-thrombotic disease.

P. 151

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