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2015 • VOLUME 21 • №4

At the origin of the development of russian angiology (Dedicated to the 150 birthday of academician N.P. Kravkov)

Uzbekova D.G.

Chair of Pharmacology with the Course of Pharmacy, Faculty of Additional Professional Education, Ryazan State Medical University named after Academician I.P. Pavlov under the RF Public Health Ministry, Ryazan, Russia

The article describes scientific activity of outstanding pharmacologist, Academician N.P. Kravkov (1865–1924) on studying dynamics of the vascular system in experiment. Using the method of isolated animal organs of animals, N.P. Kravkov discovered self-maintained periodic contractions of vessels independent of the central nervous system and not associated with cardiac contractions. On isolated animal organs (heart, kidneys, spleen, womb, pancreas and others) specialists of the laboratory of N.P. Kravkov studied vascular reactions and sensitivity of vascular zones to administration of pharmacological agents in normal conditions and on various experimental “pathological” models. For studying physiology and pharmacology of coronary vessels irrespective of cardiac contractions masking change in their lumen N.P. Kravkov suggested his original method of cardiac arrest by means of administration of strophanthin followed by passing through vessels of the unfunctioning heart solutions of various pharmacological substances. N.P. Kravkov and his followers studied alterations in vascular tonicity on isolated organs of cadavers of people who had died of various diseases: tuberculosis, typhoid fever and epidemic typhus, scarlet fever, measles, diphtheria, pneumonia et cet. The scientist believed that studying the functional state of vessels on post-mortem material would make it possible to more precisely and accurately solve the problem of intravital alterations thereof. N.P. Kravkov’s works on physiology and pathology of the vascular system served as the basis for the developing clinical discipline, i.e. angiology.

KEY WORDS: N.P. Kravkov, pharmacologist, blood vessels, isolated organs of animals, experimental models, pathophysiology, angiology.

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