Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2016 • VOLUME 22 • №3



Pathophysiological and clinical aspects of using L-arginine in cardiology and angiology
Valeev V.V., Trashkov A.P., Kovalenko A.L., Vasiliev A.G.
P. 15

Main manifestations of the phenomenon of remote post-conditioning of the heart. Clinical application of post-conditioning
Maslov L.N.
P. 24

Morphologic predictors of in hospital mortality in acute type III aortic dissection
Fatic N., Ilić N., Markovic D., Nikolic A., Končar I., Lazovic R., Banzic I., Vukcevic G., Pajovic B., Kostic D.
P. 29-32

Coagulological aspects of treatment of complications of prolonged therapy with warfarin
Krylov A.Yu., Shulutko A.M., Prasolov N.V., Petrovskaya A.A., Khmyrova S.E.
P. 41

Clinical peculiarities of atherosclerosis of peripheral arteries in patients with abdominal aortic calcification
Melnikov M.V., Zelinskiy V.A.
P. 47

Clinical and morphological characteristics of systemic vasculitides: contribution of professor N.E. Yarygin into the solution of the problem
Shilkina N.P., Panchenko K.I.
P. 52


Decision-making while implantation of biodegradable vascular scaffolds ABSORB based on methods of intravascular visualization
Buzaev I.V., Plechev V.V., Nikolaeva I.E., Zagitov I.G., Oleinik B.A.
P. 58


Use of stents with bioactive coating in treatment of patients with lesions of the superficial femoral artery
Generalov M.I., Maistrenko D.N., Oleshchuk A.N., Ivanov A.S., Granov D.A., Ovchinnikov I.V., Khmelnitsky A.V., Gusinskyi A.V.
P. 64

Possibilities of "E-vita open plus" hybrid stent graft in surgery of thoracic aorta
Kozlov B.N., Panfilov D.S., Saushkin V.V., Zavadovsky K.V., Kuznetsov M.S., Nasrashvili G.G., Shipulin V.M.
P. 73

Results of endovascular treatment of patients with type C and D lesions of the aortoiliac segment according to the TASC II classification
Papoyan S.A., Shchegolev A.A., Gromov D.G., Kvitsaridze B.A., Sazonov M.Yu., Gavrilenko A.V.
P. 79


Recanalization of lower-limb deep veins as an index of efficacy of treatment for acute venous thrombosis
Kuznetsov M.R., Sapelkin S.V., Boldin B.V., Leontiev S.G., Neskhodimov L.A.
P. 88

Efficacy of oral drug Thrombovasim® in therapy of lower extremity deep vein thromboses
Mishenina S.V., Madonov P.G., Kinsht D.N., Emedova T.A., Zotov S.P., Ufimtsev M.S., Leontyev S.G.
P. 96

Conservative treatment of pelvic varicose veins: indications for and possibilities of therapy
Gavrilov S.G., Turishcheva O.O.
P. 104

Regional intraosseous thrombolytic therapy in comprehensive treatment of patients with diabetic foot syndrome
Belyaev A.N., Rodin A.N., Kozlov S.A.
P. 109


Artificial circulation in high-risk percutaneous coronary interventions
Bazylev V.V., Evdokimov M.E., Pantyukhina M.A., Morozov Z.A.
P. 119

Four-year follow up of the results of the first in Russia use of a hybrid prosthesis for surgical management of type I aortic dissection
Chernyavsky A.M., Lyashenko M.M., Alsov S.A., Sirota D.A., Khvan D.S.
P. 125

Central cannulation of the aorta by Seldinger technique in DeBakey type I acute aortic dissection with malperfusion of internal organs
Barbukhatti K.O., Belash S.A., Kaleda V.I.
P. 130

First experience with hybrid operations for chronic obstruction of iliac-femoral segment veins in patients with post-thrombotic disease
Pokrovsky A.V., Ignatyev I.M., Volodyukhin M.Yu., Gradusov E.G.
P. 138

Assessment of surgical risk in patients with lower limb chronic critical ischaemia
Kazakov Yu.I., Lukin I.B., Sokolova N.Yu., Strakhov M.A.
P. 145


Operation for a giant pseudoaneurysm of the aortic arch without artificial circulation
Shlomin V.V., Didenko Yu.P., Puzdryak P.D., Drozhzhin I.G., Bondarenko P.B.
P. 150

Endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm in a patient with transplanted kidney
Khabazov R.I., Chupin A.V., Kolosov R.V., Deryabin S.V.
P. 156

Clinical case report of a female patient with type IV Takayasu arteritis
Suyumov A.S.
P. 162


Alternative variants of formation of permanent vascular access for hemodialysis
Batrashov V.A., Manafov E.N.
P. 167


Late conversions following endoprosthetic repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms
Kalmykov E.L., Sadriev O.N.
P. 175

Antidotes to novel direct oral anticoagulants
Khorev N.G., Momot A.P., Konkova V.O.
P. 183