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2019 • VOLUME 25 • №2

Comparative results of using coronary drug-eluting stents «NanoMed» and Orsiro

Bazylev V.V., Shmatkov M.G., Morozov Z.A.

Federal Centre of Cardiovascular Surgery under the RF Ministry of Public Health, Penza, Russia

The purpose of the present study was to compare mid-term results of using drug-eluting stents «NanoMed» and Orsiro.

Within the framework of an ongoing randomized prospective study we carried out an intermediate analysis of clinical and angiographic data of 520 patients after coronary artery stenting. The duration of the follow-up period amounted to 6.8±0.2 months. The patients were randomly assigned to the study and control groups each consisting of 260 patients with implanted stents «NanoMed» and Orsiro, respectively.

The obtained findings demonstrated that the main baseline clinical, demographic, and angiographic parameters had no statistically significant differences. The primary endpoint was achieved in 6.1 and 5.3% of cases in the study and control group, respectively (p=0.7). One case of acute in-stent thrombosis was revealed in each group. Cardiac mortality amounted to 0.7% and 0.3% in the study and control group, respectively (p>0.9). Repeat interventions on the target lesion were performed in 2.7 versus 3.4% of cases in the study and control group, respectively (p=0.6).

Hence, the comparative analysis of using «NanoMed» and Orsiro stents in the mid-term period revealed no statistically significant differences.

KEY WORDS: russian-made coronary stent, percutaneous coronary intervention.

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