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2021 • VOLUME 27 • №1

Results of loop endarterectomy and femoropopliteal bypass grafting in TASC C and D lesions

Mukhamadeev I.S.1, Oborin A.A.2, Danilov V.N.1, Vronskiy A.S.3

1) Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Perm Regional Clinical Hospital,
2) Chair of Cardiovascular Surgery,
3) Department of Hospital Surgery, Perm State Medical University named after Academician E.A. Wagner under the RF Ministry of Public Health, Perm, Russia

Objective. The aim of our investigation was to analyse the results of treatment of patients with atherosclerotic lesions of the femoropopliteal segment by means of femoropopliteal bypass grafting or loop endarterectomy within the framework of a single-centre retrospective study.

Patients and methods. The study included a total of 177 patients who were divided into two groups. Group One was composed of 108 patients subjected to loop endarterectomy from the arteries of the femoropopliteal segment, and Group Two comprised 69 patients who endured femoropopliteal bypass surgery using a synthetic graft.

Results. Thoroughly analysed were the clinical, demographic, anatomical and perioperative data, as well as intra- and perioperative complications, followed by assessment of primary and secondary patency, with no statistically significant differences in these parameters revealed. Secondary patency was somewhat better in the group of loop endarterectomy. Also determined and examined were specific complications such as insufficient extraction of the plaque, perforation of the artery with the loop, thinning of the wall, detachment of the calcified plaque. This is followed by discussing variants of correction of similar events. In the group of loop endarterectomy, there were no severe complications, such as myocardial infarction, stroke, amputation in the early postoperative period.

Conclusions. Loop endarterectomy is an acceptable alternative to femoropopliteal bypass grafting with a synthetic prosthesis. Taking into account all specific complications, it is possible to achieve minimization of unsuccessful outcomes.

KEY WORDS: femoropopliteal bypass grafting, loop endarterectomy, atherosclerosis obliterans of lower-limb arteries, reconstructive operations, complications.

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