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2021 • VOLUME 27 • №2

Comparative efficacy of various methods of treatment of chronic venous oedema in real clinical practice

Bogachev V.Yu., Boldin B.V., Turkin P.Yu., Samenkov A.Yu., Study Group VAP-PRO-C3

Chair of Faculty Surgery № 2 of Therapeutic Department, Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University of the RF Ministry of Public Health, Moscow, Russia

Objective. The study was aimed at assessing efficacy and safety of micronized purified flavonoid fraction (MPFF, Detralex) in comprehensive treatment of chronic venous oedema induced by lower limb varicose veins.

Materials and methods. We performed a post hoc analysis of the results of treatment of 708 patients included into the observational programme VAP-PRO-C3 ( NCT03722836). These patients, depending on the type of treatment, were divided into 8 subgroups: MPFF (n=32); MPFF + compression (n=145); MPFF + compression + topical treatment (n=158); MPFF + compression + topical treatment + endovasal laser coagulation (n=197); MPFF + endovasal laser coagulation (n=3); MPFF + compression + endovasal laser coagulation (n=152), patients not receiving MPFF (n=16); MPFF + topical treatment (n=2). Due to paucity of the participants, from the subsequent analysis we excluded the groups MPFF + endovasal laser coagulation, patients not receiving MPFF (n=16) and MPFF + topical treatment. All further statistical data are shown for the remaining 687 patients.

Results. Comparing the groups of patients undergoing conservative treatment alone and those subjected to surgical intervention demonstrated no statistically significant differences in dynamics of crural oedema. In both groups at every subsequent visit there was a statistically significant decrease in the ankle volume (p<0.001). During the whole period of follow up the crural volume in patients from the group of conservative treatment totally decreased by 0.201±0.158 L and in the operated patients by 0.236±0.189 L (p=0.021). The QOL assessed by the CIVIQ-14 global index score statistically significantly improved in the unoperated patients from 31.5±19.2 to 12.0±10.1 (p<0.001). In the operated patients, the baseline and final values of the QOL of the global index score amounted to 33.4±17.8 and 7.7±9.2, respectively (p<0.001). In the groups with and without topical treatment, the baseline values of the QOL assessed by CIVIQ-14 global index score amounted to 28.5±17.4 and 36.2±18.6, respectively. During the follow-up period, we observed statistically significant positive dynamics of all parameters of quality of life. The final visit demonstrated improvement of the CIVIQ-14 global index score to 9.4±9.2 in patients without topical treatment and 10.1±10.4 in those receiving topical treatment (p=0.367), with the mean value of this parameter during treatment in both groups decreased significantly (p<0.001).
A statistically significant decrease in the ankle volume in both groups was registered at every visit, finally amounting to 0.223±0.166 L and 0.248±0.174 L (p=0.118) for patients not receiving and receiving topical treatment, respectively.
In groups of patients not receiving and those receiving compression therapy, the baseline values of the QOL assessed by CIVIQ-14 global index score amounted to 21.4±14.2 and 33.1±18.5 (p<0.001), respectively. At the final visit, these indices statistically significantly (p<0.001) decreased to 7.3±9.1 and 9.9±9.9 (p=0.106).
Compared with the baseline values, the ankle volume at the final visit in groups of patients with and without compression therapy statistically significantly decreased by 0.187±0.14 L and 0.238±0.17 L respectively (p=0.204).
During the study, there were no adverse events related to the administration of MPFF and use of Detragel.

Conclusions. MPFF and Detragel appear to be effective and safe components of comprehensive conservative therapy of chronic oedema induced by primary varicose veins of lower extremities.

KEY WORDS: chronic venous oedema, chronic venous insufficiency, CEAP class C3, micronized purified flavonoid fraction, MPFF, Detralex.

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