Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2011 • VOLUME 17 • №4

Results of a multicentre clinical trial studying efficacy and safety of vasocet in patients with varicose disease and chronic venous insufficiency

Pokrovsky A.V.

Presented in the article are the findings of a multicenter prospective clinical trial assessing quality of life of patients with chronic diseases of lower limb veins on the background of administration of nonmicronized diosmin (Vasocet). Specialized questionnaires (CIVIQ-2) appeared to be the most optimal evaluating tools, more precisely catching alterations in patients’ quality of life on the background of drug therapy.

KEY WORDS: chronic venous diseases, quality of life, drug therapy, synthetic diosmin.

Leading Researchers:

  • Sapelkin S.V., MD
  • Zolotukhin I.A., MD
  • Zolkin V.N., MD, Professor
  • Bubnova N.A., MD, Professor
  • Shvalb P.G., MD, Professor
  • Staroverov I.N., MD
  • Katelnitskii I.I., MD, Professor
  • Alukhanyan O.A., MD, Professor
  • Khmelniker S.M., Cand. Med. Sci.
  • Fokin A.A., MD, Professor
  • Zhukov B.N., MD, Professor
  • Shevela A.I., MD, Professor
  • Khoreev N.G., MD, Professor
  • Rapovka V.G., Professor

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