Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2011 • VOLUME 17 • №4



Results of a multicentre clinical trial studying efficacy and safety of vasocet in patients with varicose disease and chronic venous insufficiency
Pokrovsky A.V.
P. 13

Diabetic angiopathy
Marijan Bosevski
P. 14-23

Hyperhomocysteinemia and plasma acute-phase proteins in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and severe course of atherosclerosis after vascular operations
Doguzhieva R.M., Pokrovskii A.V., Demidova V.S., Lebedeva A.N.
P. 27-28

Intraoperative assessment of blood flow along coronary and internal thoracic arteries before and after myocardial revascularization
Tkachev E.V., Kranin D.L., Krashonkin A.A., Vinogradov D.V., Zamskii K.S., Mikheev A.A.
P. 32

Immediate and remote outcomes of hybrid and stage-wise treatment for concomitant pathology (heart defects and coronary artery disease in patients over 70 years old
Aniskevich G.V., Semenovskiy M.L., Chestukhin V.V., Vavilov P.A.
P. 34-39


Radionuclide renal scintigraphy in assessment of nephroprotective effect of hypoxic preconditioning for myocardial revascularization under artificial circulation
Vesnina Zh.V., Arsenieva Yu.A., Emelianova T.V., Kozlov B.N., Lishmanov Yu.B.
P. 41-46


Endovascular treatment of a female patient with resistant arterial hypertension secondary o a renal artery aneurysm
Sukhorukov V.V., Frolova E.V., Tereshina O.V., Krugomov A.V., Trofimov S.I., Goncharova E.S.
P. 49-52

Results of proximal vertebral arteries endovascular interventions
Chechetkin A.O., Suslina Z.A., Skrylev S.I., Kuntshevich G.I., Koshcheev A.Yu., Protsky S.V., Shchipakin V.L., Lagoda O.V., Krasnikov A.V.
P. 55-61


Variants of anatomical structure of lower-limb veins as a possible cause of the development of primary varicosity
Vakhitov M.Sh., Bolshakov O.P.
P. 68

Microfoam truncal scleroobliteration in varicose disease
Sapelkin S.V.
P. 76

Advantages of endovenous laser coagulation in surgical management of varicose disease
Malakhov Yu.S., Averyanov D.A., Ivanov A.V.
P. 82

Mixed-aetiology extensive ulcers of the crus: postthrombotic disease and gangrenous pyoderma
Andreev D.Yu.
P. 85

Use of autovenous tissue for treatment of patients with venous-aetiology lower-limb trophic ulcers
Ramazanov M.R., Makhachev S.M., Alieva K.A., Alieva P.M.
P. 89


Immediate outcomes of reconstructive operations for pathological deformity of the internal carotid artery
Pokrovsky A.V., Beloyartsev D.F., Adyrkhaev Z.A.
P. 98

Hybrid reconstructive interventions in distal aortic dissection
Belov Yu.V., Charchyan E.R., Soborov M.A.
P. 107

Systemic multimodality postoperative analgesia in vascular surgery
Kazennov V.V., Shishkin M.N., Amerov D.B.
P. 112-113

Methods of treatment in patients with lower extremity arterial occlusive disease in presence of distal arterial lesion (part II)
Gavrilenko A.V., Egorov A.A., Kotov A.E., Mоlоkopoy S.N., Mamukhov A.S.
P. 119

Outcomes of surgical management of elderly and aged patients with complicated forms of coronary artery disease
Mikheev A.A., Tkachev E.V., Kranin D.L., Krashonkin A.A., Vinogradov D.V., Zamskii K.S.
P. 125

The world's fist successful closure of the woundof the ascending aorta. Russian priority
Soroka V.V., Nikonova N.V.
P. 128


Hybrid surgical management of a patient with an aneurysm of the arch and descending portion of the right-sided aorta combined with type в dissection and decompensated tracheal stenosis
Belov Yu.V., Abugov S.A., Komarov R.N., Puretskii M.V., Stepanenko A.B., Stognii N.Yu., Magamadov Ya.U.
P. 141

Hybrid surgical management of a saccular aneurysm of the aortic arch
Akchurin R.S., Imaev T.E., Komlev A.E., Osmanov M.R., Nikonova M.E., Podkidkin I.A.
P. 146

Surgical management of a hypertensive young adult suffering from nonspecific aortoarteritis accompanied by renal arterial lesions
Vachev A.N., Sukhorukov V.V., Frolova E.V.
P. 151


Traditional open vascular surgery and roentgenosurgical intervention – competition or interaction leading to hybrid surgeries?
Gavrilenko A.V., Egorov A.A.
P. 156