Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2015 • VOLUME 21 • №3

Possibilities of pharmacotherapy for chronic venous insufficiency with diosmin preparations from the position of the endothelial functional state

Kalinin R.E., Suchkov I.A., Pshennikov A.S., Mzhavanadze N.D.

Ryazan State Medical University named after Academician I.P. Pavlov, Ryazan, Russia

Despite a high level of the development of modern angiology and vascular surgery, the problem of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) complicating the course of various venous diseases seems to have no tendency towards being solved, thus calling forth permanent search for optimization of methods of treatment and rehabilitation of patients presenting with the above-mentioned syndrome. The article presents a review of contemporary studies dedicated to the problem of correcting CVI. Special attention is paid to the endothelial state in CVI and possibilities of correcting endothelial dysfunction with the use of bioflavonoids, in particular, diosmin. Also presented herein are the results of an original experimental study dedicated to peculiarities of the endothelial functional state, endothelial dysfunction, and correction thereof on the background of the existing CVI.

KEY WORDS: chronic venous insufficiency, endothelial dysfunction, bioflavonoids, diosmin.

P. 97

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