Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2017 • VOLUME 23 • №4

Secondary reconstructions after endovascular treatment of a woman with critical lower limb ischaemia

Gavrilenko A.V.1,2, Kravchenko A.A.1,2, Shatalova D.V.2

1) Department of Vascular Surgery, Russian Research Centre of Surgery named after Academician B.V. Petrovsky,
2) Chair of Cardiovascular Surgery No 1 of the Institute of Professional Education, First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov, Moscow, Russia

Primary endovascular interventions carried out according to the indications determined by the TASC II guidelines have proved successful in treatment of patients presenting with critical lower limb ischaemia. However, performing secondary and complicated reconstructions requires an individual approach with the assessment of all possible risks involved.

Presented herein is a clinical case report regarding repeat reconstruction in a woman with critical lower limb ischaemia after a previously performed endovascular intervention.

KEY WORDS: critical lower limb ischaemia, endovascular interventions, stenting, surgical revascularization, bypass grafting, repeat operation.

P. 121

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