Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2018 • VOLUME 24 • №1

Hybrid intervention for an atherosclerotic lesion of arteries of the iliofemoral segment

Kireev K.A.1,2, Fokin A.A.1,2, Rodnyansky D.V.1

1) Railway Clinical Hospital at the Chelyabinsk Station of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Russian Railways",
2) South Ural State Medical University of the RF Ministry of Public Health, Chelyabinsk, Russia

The article describes a clinical case report regarding a successfully performed hybrid intervention in a patient presenting with critical ischaemia of a lower limb and an atherosclerotic lesion of arteries of the iliofemoral segment. Endovascular reconstruction in an isolated manner turned out to be impossible for both technical and anatomical reasons, whereas open reconstruction required two surgical accesses, an extended scope of the operation, and the use of a synthetic graft. Using a hybrid approach favourably contributed to adequate restoration of blood flow in the ischaemized limb, a decrease in the traumatic nature of the intervention, and also ensured angiographic control over the state of the operated arterial segment.

KEY WORDS: hybrid reconstruction, critical ischaemia, stenting, profundoplasty, endarterectomy.

P. 159

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