Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2018 • VOLUME 24 • №2



Dynamics of asymptomatic atherosclerosis of carotid arteries depending on the achieved level of cholesterol in moderate-risk patients
Kozlov S.G., Khamchieva L.Sh., Pogorelova O.A., Tripoten M.I., Balakhonova T.V.
P. 18

Biological aspects and clinical application of bone-marrow stem cells in critical lower limb ischaemia
Orekhov P.Yu., Troitsky A.V., Chupin A.V.
P. 30

Gene-mediated induction of angiogenesis in inoperable patients with atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus
Kalinin R.E., Suchkov I.A., Deev R.V., Mzhavanadze N.D., Krylov A.A.
P. 40


Contrast-enhanced ultrasonographic study in patients with lower limb arterial lesions
Timina I.E., Askerova N.N., Karmazanovsky G.G., Pyatkova I.I., Zotikov A.E.
P. 48

Flowmetric and angiographic predictors of occlusion of coronary bypass grafts
Bazylev V.V., Nemchenko E.V., Rosseikin E.V., Mikulyak A.I.
P. 55


Results of endovascular treatment of obstructive lesions of veins of the iliofemoral segment
Pokrovsky A.V., Ignatyev I.M., Gradusov E.G.
P. 63-68

Vascular stents: Approaches used to increase their clinical efficacy
Kuznetsov K.A., Kharkova M.V., Karpenko A.A., Laktionov P.P.
P. 79


Comparative 3-year results of phlebectomy and thermal ablation for lower limb varicose veins
Burleva E.P., Tyurin S.A., Smirnov O.A., Faskhiev R.R.
P. 91

Clinical efficacy of Detralex in treatment of women with pelvic varicose veins
Akhmetzyanov R.V., Bredikhin R.A.
P. 99

Temporary tamponing of the canal while removing the great saphenous vein in elderly patients
Khorev N.G., Beller A.V., Konkova V.O., Shoikhet Ya.N.
P. 106


Therapeutic policy in stenosis of the internal carotid artery combined with intracranial vascular malformation
Khripun A.I., Pryamikov A.D., Mironkov A.B., Gulina L.D.
P. 112

Transradial approach in carotid stenting
Shchanitsyn I.N., Sharafutdinov M.R., Yakubov R.A., Larin I.V.
P. 122

Remote results of eversion carotid endarterectomy depending on the suture material used
Beloyartsev D.F., Talybly O.L.
P. 130-137

In-hospital outcomes of reconstructive interventions on the aortofemoral segment in patients with multifocal atherosclerosis
Burkov N.N., Kazantsev A.N., Tarasov R.S.
P. 145

Embryology, anatomy and rare pathologies of the popliteal artery: Peculiarities of surgical treatment
Kuznetsov M.R., Reshetov I.V., Magnitskiy L.A., Vasiliev V., Marchenko I.P., Matveev A.D., Lugovoy A.A., Tverskaya M.S.
P. 152-157


Risk factors for the development of life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias following surgical reconstruction of the left ventricle
Rosseikin E.V., Kobzev E.E., Popylkova O.V., Durmanov S.S., Bazylev V.V.
P. 163

Staged treatment of a multilevel lesion of brachiocephalic arteries in combination with coronary and valvular pathology of the heart
Chernyavsky M.A., Gusev A.A., Chernova D.V., Yarkov I.V., Gordeev M.L.
P. 170


Results of hybrid loop endarterectomy from the superficial femoral artery with the MultiTASC
Lysenko E.R., Azaryan A.S., Gryaznov O.G., Amirova A.V., Bushueva E.V., Troitskiy A.V.
P. 177

Endoprosthetic repair of the aorta for an infrarenal aneurysm combined with occlusion of one of the iliac arteries
Popova I.V., Karpenko A.A., Ignatenko P.V., Starodubtsev V.B.
P. 183

Surgical treatment of total thrombosis of an abdominal aortic endograft
Shlomin V.V., Kasyanov I.V., Drozhzhin I.G., Bondarenko P.B., Puzdryak P.D.
P. 189-193


Algorithm of treatment policy for a femoral artery false aneurysm
Fokin A.A., Kireev K.A.
P. 200


Use of glomus-sparing techniques in surgery of carotid arteries
Vinogradov R.A., Matusevich V.V.
P. 205