Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2018 • VOLUME 24 • №2

Algorithm of treatment policy for a femoral artery false aneurysm

Fokin A.A.1,2, Kireev K.A.1,2

1) Railway Clinical Hospital at the Chelyabinsk Station of the Open Joint-Stock Company «Russian Railways»,
2) South Ural State Medical University of the RF Ministry of Public Health, Chelyabinsk, Russia

The purpose of the study was to elaborate an algorithm of treatment policy for post-puncture false aneurysms of the femoral artery (FAFA).

The study was performed on the basis of the clinical material over 2014-2017 at the Regional Vascular Centre whose specialists have since 2017 been using the femoral arterial approach (FAA) only if the radial arteries are inaccessible for puncture or for inserting the endovascular tools and appliances. The obtained findings demonstrated that the number of coronary interventions performed with the use of the femoral arterial approach in patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome decreased from a total of 758 (100.0%) in 2014 to 166 (13.8%) in 2017. The frequency of FAFAs not subjected to surgical management and those subjected to surgical suturing by 2017 increased to 3.0 and 1.2%, respectively, with the same values for 2014 amounting to 1.8 and 0.4%, respectively. Taking into account the still existing necessity of using the femoral arterial approach in the patients, as a rule, belonging to the cohort of the so-called «problem patients», the authors worked out an algorithm of therapeutic policy for FAFAs, which would make it possible to increase both efficiency and safety of the carried out endovascular interventions, as well as to determine the risks with their minimization in the postoperative period.

KEY WORDS: percutaneous coronary intervention, acute coronary syndrome, pulsating haematoma, false aneurysm, femoral artery approach, radial approach.

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