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2020 • VOLUME 26 • №1

Efficacy of Detragel in treatment of varicothrombophlebitis in elderly and aged patients

Sukovatykh B.S.1, Sereditsky A.V.2, Sukovatykh M.B.1, Rodionov O.A.3

1) Kursk State Medical University of the RF Ministry of Public Health,
2) Regional Clinical Hospital, Orel,
3) Municipal Hospital of Emergency Medical Care, Kursk, Russia

Objective. The present study was aimed at improving the results of treatment in elderly and aged people by means of local therapy with «Detragel».

Patients and methods. The authors analysed the results of comprehensive examination and treatment of 60 elderly and aged patients presenting with acute varicothrombophlebitis and severe somatic diseases. Depending on the method of treatment, the patients were subdivided into 2 statistically homogeneous groups consisting of 30 patients each. The patients of both the first and the second group were subjected to crossectomy followed by application of either the «Lioton» gel or «Detragel» onto the thrombosed veins for 30 days in Group One and Group Two patients, respectively. Ultrasonographic angioscanning was used to determine dissemination of the thrombotic process in the superficial veins. Before and after the operation we examined the dynamics of the temperature-related and leukocytic reaction, as well as the degree of severity of the oedematous and pain syndromes. Six months after the operation we studied the patients’ quality of life using the SF-36 questionnaire.

Results. A disseminated form of varicothrombophlebitis was revealed in 35 (58.3%) patients, a local form in 11 (18.3%), and a subtotal one in 9 (15%) patients. The total form with the involvement of the anastomoses of the superficial veins with the deep ones, requiring thrombectomy was detected only in 5 (8.3%) patients and thrombosis of the perforant veins in 3 (5%) patients.

Crossectomy made it possible to disrupt the spread of the thrombotic process to the deep veins, with no venous thromboembolic complications registered. Local therapy with Detragel made it possible by POD 7 to normalize both the temperature-related and leukocytic reactions, to relieve the oedematous and pain syndromes, as well as in the remote period to increase the physical health component by 6.42% and the mental health component by 10.21%.

Conclusion. Local therapy of acute varicothrombophlebitis with Detragel in elderly and aged patients makes it possible to increase the patients’ quality of life.

KEY WORDS: acute varicothrombophlebitis, elderly and aged people, «Lioton» gel, «Detragel», quality of life.

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