Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2020 • VOLUME 26 • №3

Saint Petersburg venous forum and its role in development of Rassian phlebology

Shaydakov E.V.1, Bubnova N.A.2, Sabelnikov V.V.3,4, Soroka V.V.5, Bogachev V.Yu.6, Sapelkin S.V.7, Belentsov S.M.8, Burleva E.P.9, Karpenko A.A.10, Khorev N.G.11, Shevela A.I.11, Askerkhanov G.R.12, Katelnitskiy I.I.13, Rapovka V.G.14, Fokin A.A.15, Tsukanov Yu.T.16, Shcheglov E.A.17, Eklof B.18, Nicolaides A.19,20, Perrin M.R.21,22

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During the years of its existence and development, the Saint Petersburg Venous Forum has fundamentally changed our views on contemporary phlebology. The Forum has turned into an annual international congress, occupying a prominent place amongst the largest, popular, as well as scientifically and socially significant phlebological conferences in Europe. The Saint Petersburg Venous Forum has played an important role in the development of Russian phlebology, establishment and development of a new generation of phlebologists, having thus become a turning point in the destiny of many talented young physicians of Russia and neighbouring countries.

KEY WORDS: Saint Petersburg Society of Phlebology, Saint Petersburg Venous Forum, International Union of Phlebology (UIP), Russian phlebology, clinical guidelines.

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