Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2012 • VOLUME 18 • №2



Cell-free collagen-based scaffolds used for making blood vessels in cardiovascular surgery
Akhmedov Sh.D., Afanasiev S.A., Egorova M.V., Andreev S.L., Ivanov A.V., Rogovskaya Yu.V., Usov V.Yu., Shvedov A.N., Steinhoff G.
P. 7-12

Peculiarities of arterial lesions in patients with critical ischaemia on the background of diabetic foot syndrome
Ignatovich I.N., Kondratenko G.G., Leonovich S.L.
P. 15-19

Comparative analysis of arterial bioprostheses with various antithrombotic modification
Barbarash L.S., Burkov N.N., Kudryavtseva Yu.A., Anufriev A.I., Zhuravleva I.Yu.
P. 21-25

Neuroprotective effect of ischemic postconditioning and remote preconditioning. Prospective of clinical use
Maslov L.N., Lishmanov Yu.B.
P. 27-34

Prevention of ischamic stroke in patients with asymptomatic lesions of carotid arteries
Gavrilenko A.V., Guzenko A.S., Kouklin A.V., Kochetkov V.A.
P. 35-39

Microcirculation blood flow of the upper extremities in patients with coronary artery disease combined with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
Kamenskaya О.V., Klinkova A.S., Chernyavskii A.M.
P. 41-44

Comparative characteristics of new ptfe vascular patches in experiment
Alukhanyan O.A., Vinokur A.A., Martirosyan Kh.G., Aristov D.S.
P. 45-51


Computed tomography and ct angiography in diagnosis of acute disorders impairment of mesenteric circulation
Khripun A., Shuryguin S.N., Pryamikov A.D., Mironkov A.B., Urvantseva О.M., Savelyeva A.V., Voloshin M., Latonov V.V.
P. 53-58

Comparative characteristics of revealing hibernated myocardium by means of perfusion and metabolic scintigraphy
Lishmanov Yu.B., Minin S. M., Efimova I.Yu., Babokin B.E., Saushkina Yu.V.
P. 59-63


Endografting of a true aneurysm of the internal carotid artery
Tsygankov V.N., Sidorov А.А., Goncharov A.I., Shutikhina I.V., Gontarenko V.N., Vafina G.R.
P. 65-68

Endovascular balloon angioplasty of a stenotic lesion of autovenous bypass grafts in the infrainguinal position
Zaitsev M.V., Chupin A.V., Malyutina E.D.
P. 70-74


Lower limb vein thrombosis in dynamics of acute impairments of cerebral circulation
Kuntsevich G.I., Maksimova M.Yu., Popova L.A., Ryabinkina Yu.V., Gnedovskaya E.V., Paradov M.A.
P. 77-81

State of crural perforating veins after sclerosurgical interventions for lower limb varicose disease
Sukovatykh B.S., Sukovatykh M.В., Belikov L.N., Akatov A.L.
P. 84-88

On advisability of perioperative phleboprotection in endovascular treatment of lower in varicose disease: first initial results of the decision study
Bogachev V.Yu., Golovanova O.V., Kuznetsov A.N., Shekoyan L.O. and the DECISION Study Group
P. 90-95

Modern methods of comprehensive management of patients with varicose disease relapsing after surgical interventions
Gavrilenko A.V., Vakhratyan P.E.
P. 97-100

Efficacy of antistax in treatment of postmastectomic oedema of the upper limb
Myasnikova M.O.
P. 103-105


Remote results of open interventions in treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms
Bokeria L.A., Arakelyan V.S., Jane A.K., Papitashvili V.G., Siradze I.V.
P. 107-115

Left anterior descending bypass grafting from the anterolateral minitorakotomy
Popov V.A., Ganyukov V.I., Koziyrin K.A., Haes B.L., Grigoryev E.V., Moiseenkov G.V., Barbarash L.S.
P. 117-122

Comparison of remote results outcomes of stenting and eversion endarterectomy from internal carotid arteries
Sidorov A.A., Kokov L.S., Beloyartsev D.F., Tsygankov V.N., Shutikhina I.V., Goncharov A.I.
P. 124-129

On the terms to perform minor amputations for chronic critical lower limb ischaemia after successful vascular reconstruction
Vachev A.N., Chernovalov D.A., Mikhailov M.S.
P. 131-137

Hybrid operations in multilevel lesions of lower-limb arteries
Papoyan S.A., Maitesyan D.A., Verigo A.V., Eremenko A.G., Baldin V.L., Kirsanov Yu.K., Abramov I.S.
P. 138-141


Stagewise bilateral stenting of vertebral arteries in a patient with occlusion of both internal carotid arteries
Ter-Akopyan A.V., Kalinin A.A., Pankov A.S., Tagaev N.В., Malyutina E.D.
P. 143-146

A rare case of surgical management of a patient with thoracic aortic aneurysm
Kospanov N.A., Mierbekov E.M., Eshmuratov T.Sh., Kodasbaev А.Т., Kirgizbaev S.Zh.
P. 147-149


Substantiation оf an adequate scope of diagnostic methods and surgical procedures in patients with diabetic foot syndrome
Katelnitskyi I.I., Trandofilov A.M.
P. 150-154