Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2013 • VOLUME 19 • №1

Assessment of clinical and antiaggregation efficacy of generic clopidogrel egithromb in roentgenosurgical practice

Loenko V.B., Sorokina E.A., Fail I.L., Smyalovskii D.V.

Omsk Regional Clinical Hospital, Omsk, Russia

The authors studied efficacy of the generic clopidogrel Еgithromb manufactured by EGIS PHARMACEUTICALS (Hungary) based on clinical data and parameters of light aggregometry in a total of 30 patients subjected to planned subcutaneous coronary intervention for stable angina pectoris. It was noted that the generic clopidogrel Egithromb possesses clinical efficacy, manifesting in the lack of early thromboses of the stents and relapses of angina pectoris during the first month of treatment. The findings obtained by light aggregometry strongly suggested a significant decrease in aggregation with a dose of ADP 1.25 mcg/ml in 87.33% of patients, with the target values of the index less than 25% were obtained in 100% of cases. It was determined that the agent possesses high efficacy in aspirin-resistant patients and in the presence of thrombinemia. There were neither side events of therapy nor haemorrhagic complications in the present study during treatment.

KEY WORDS: clopidogrel, egithromb, transcutaneous coronary intervention, light aggregometry.

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