Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2013 • VOLUME 19 • №2



Anticoagulant therapy in comprehensive treatment of acute thrombosis of lower-limb deep veins
Sultanov D.D., Gaibov A.D., Toirov M.G.
P. 16

Administration of the generic prostaglandin E1 VAP 20® in patients with lower limb critical ischaemia: a prospective study
Pokrovsky A.V., Chupin A.V. , Parshin P.Yu. , Mikhailov I.P., Lavrenov V.N., Kharazov A.F., Kutyrev O.E.
P. 24

Mechanisms of antioedemic effect of bioflavonoids in experiment
Shishlo V.K., Malinin A.A., Dyurzhanov A.A.
P. 33

Lymphatic endothelium in certain pathological conditions
Nimaev V.V., Lyubarsky M.S.., Shevela A.I.
P. 38


Intraoperative assessment of composite bypass grafts by means of ultrasonic doppler flowmetry
Bazylev V.V., Rosseikin E.V., Mikulyak A.I.
P. 46


Experience with hybrid techniques of surgical treatment of patients with lower limb critical ischaemia
Uchkin I.G., Shugushev Z.Kh., Talov N.A., Bagdasaryan A.G., Gonsales A.K., Khmyrova A.V.
P. 57

Hybrid operation in combined pathology
Drozhzhin E.V., Ibragimov O.R., Kovalchuk D.N., Efanov Yu.M., Zorkin A.A., Ibragimova E.A., Urvantseva I.A.
P. 64


Russian observational programme SPEKTR: analysis of age-specific structure of patients with chronic venous diseases
Burleva E.P., Burleva N.A.
P. 72

Radiofrequency obliteration of veins in surgical treatment of varicose disease
Shaidakov E.V., Petukhov A.V., Ilyukhin E.A., Grigoryan A.G.
P. 82

Haemodynamic and clinical efficacy of electric muscular stimulation of the venous outflow in prevention of postoperative venous thromboembolic complications
Lobastov K.V., Barmotin N.A., Barinov V.E., Obolensky V.N., Asratyan S.A., Laberko L.A., Boyarintsev V.V.
P. 91


Immediate and remote results of using carotid endarterectomy and stenting of internal carotid arteries
Dyuzhikov A.A., Khripun A.V., Malevannyi M.V., Orlov A.E., Kulikovskikh Ya.V.
P. 102-110

Results of splenorenal venous bypass grafting in patients with hepatocirrhosis
Katelnitskyi I.I., Sapronova N.G.
P. 116

Angioplasty and stenting of renal arteries: in search for prognostic criteria
Viktor Ginzburg, Talia Volak, Georgy Grinberg, Olga Maiizler, Anatolyi Leitsin, Gabriel Sandro
P. 123-127

Current State of Affairs in the Treatment of Infrainguinal Critical Limb Ischemia
Thomas N. Carruthers, Alik Farber
P. 133-137


Surgical treatment of an aneurysm of the deep femoral artery
Gavrilenko A.V., Vakhratyan P.E., Kotov A. E., Alikin E.Yu.
P. 145

Thromboembolism of the palmar arch and digital arteries on the background of posttraumatic aneurysm of the left brachial artery
Kabirov A.V., Vasin A.S., Grachev A.M., Panfilov S.D.
P. 151


Foam sclerotherapy of truncal forms of varicose disease of lower limbs (review of foreign literature)
Baeshko A.A., Shestak N.G.
P. 158


Restenosis of carotid arteries after carotid endarterectomy: present-day aspects of the problem (non-invasive and invasive instrumental diagnosis)
Part II

Kulikova A.I., Tikhonova L.A., Bakhmetyev A.S.
P. 158