Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2013 • VOLUME 19 • №4



Effect of hypoxic preconditioning on the level of s-NGAL (lipocalin-2) in myocardial revascularization in the conditions of extracorporeal haemocirculation
Vesnina Zh.V., Kiiko O.G.
P. 13

Effect of the terms of complete revascularization on the outcomes of treatment of patients with ST segment elevation myocardial infarction and multivessel coronary artery disease
Tarasov R.S., Ganyukov V.I., Popov V.A, Shaposhnikov P.A., Barbarash O.L., Barbarash L.S.
P. 20

Combined correction of impairments of the functional state of the haemostasis system in patients with ischaemic stroke
Bekbosynov A.Zh.
P. 25

Vascular endothelium as a target for therapeutic action
Fedorovich A.A.
P. 38

Seasonal cyclicity of acute arterial ischaemia and acute ascending varicothrombophlebitis
Khorev N.G., Shoikhet Ya.N., Ovcharov M.A.
P. 43


Assessment of the diagnostic value of perfusion scintigraphy in diagnosis of pulmonary artery thromboembolism
Kudryashova N.E., Karalkin A.V., Ermolov A.S., Migunova E.V., Sinyakova O.G., Nikitina O.V.
P. 51


Experience with transradial approach in roentgenoendovascular interventions on coronary arteries
Khachaturov A.A., Khovalkin R.G., Tsygankov V.N., Goncharov A.I., Varava A.B.
P. 58

Early experience with the djumbodis system: What did we observed, what can we expect? (Part 1)
Thierry Caus, Audrey Houbert-Janssens, Jean Yves Gaubert, Alessandro Piccardo, Abir Petit, Henri Poulain
P. 68-74


Surgical treatment of varicosity-altered tributaries of saphenous veins
Chernookov A.I., Kotaev A.Yu., Vakhratyan P.E., Nikolaev A.M., Berezko M.P., Dolgov S.I., Matvienko E.P., Lapa L.A., Chernykh E.S.
P. 81

Sural sinus as the main source of postoperative venous thromboembolic complications in neurosurgical patients
Khripun A.I., Pryamikov A.D., Mironkov A.B., Shuryguin S.N., Asratyan S.A., Abashin M.V., Latonov V.V.
P. 87

Phlebotrophic therapy with venarus in patients suffering from lower limb chronic venous insufficiency
Gudymovich V.G., Stoiko Yu.M., Yakovleva N.M., Nikitina A.M.
P. 91

A lobular version of pathogenesis of vascular-aetiology trophic ulcers
Shvalb P.G., Shvalb A.P., Gryaznov S.V.
P. 98


Single-stage correction of aortic coarctation combined with an aneurysm of the ascending portion of the aorta and/or intracardiac pathology in adults
Rosseikin E.V., Evdokimov M.E., Bazylev V.V., Vachev S.A.
P. 106

Results of endoprosthetic reconstruction in patients with aneurysm of the infrarenal portion of the aorta
Karpenko A.A., Starodubtsev V.B., Dyusupov A.A., Ignatenko P.V., Kuzhuget R.A., Zoloev D.G., Tsymbal S.Yu., Zeidlits G.A.
P. 113

Immediate and remote results of surgical treatment of patients presenting with pathological tortuosity of internal carotid arteries and accompanying ocular ischaemic syndrome
Gavrilenko A.V., Kuklin A.V., Kisleva G.N., Abramyan A.V., Omarrzhanova I.I.
P. 119

Multidisciplinary approach to treatment of patients with lower limb critical ischaemia
Maksimov A.V., Koreiba K.A., Nuretdinov R.M, Usmanov M.A., Glinkin V.V.
P. 126

Peculiarities of arterial reconstructions in pyonecrotic lesions of lower limbs
Kuznetsov M.R., Boldin B.V., Rodionov S.V., Kosykh I.V., Lisenkov O.P., Kuznetsova V.F.
P. 134

Angiodysplasias of the head and neck: present-day principles of treatment using elements of plastic surgery
Dan V.N., Sapelkin S.V., Sharobaro V.I., Timina I.E., Tsygankov V.N., Karmazanovskiy G.G., Subbotin V.V., Vafina G.R.
P. 142

Present-day possibilities of surgical management of tumour-like forms of arteriovenous angiodysplasias
Gaibov A.D., Safarova A.N., Sultanov D.D., Baratov A.K., Malikov M.Kh.
P. 149


Exravalvular exoprosthetic repair of the aortic root: first experience
Chernyavsky A.M., Alsov S.A., Khvan D.S., Sirota D.A., Lyashenko M.M.
P. 157

Secondary intrathoracic reconstruction after prosthetic repair of the brachiocephalic trunk for traumatic aneurysm of the right subclavian artery
Shubin A.A., Kranin D.L., Zamskiy K.S., Varukin V.P., Stuchilov A.V.
P. 163

Peculiarities of performing hybrid operation in a patient with atherosclerosis of lower limbs and developed critical ischaemia
Uchkin I.G., Shugushev Z.Kh., Vikhert T.A., Zudin A.M., Gonsales A.K., Tarkovskii A.A.
P. 169


Protocol of preventing perioperative strokes in reconstructions of carotid artery bifurcation
Beloyartsev D.F., Adyrkhaev Z.A.
P. 175

Criteria for selection of patients for radiofrequency ablation of major venous trunks in varicose disease, short- and long-term outcomes
Belentsov S.M., Veselov B.A., Chukin S.A., Ektova M.V., Makarov S.E.
P. 181