Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2013 • VOLUME 19 • №4

A lobular version of pathogenesis of vascular-aetiology trophic ulcers

Shvalb P.G.1, Shvalb A.P.2, Gryaznov S.V.3

1) Chair of Angiology, Vascular, Operative Surgery and Topographical Anatomy under the Ryazan State Medical University under the Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health
2) Ryazan Regional Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination
3) Department of Vascular Surgery, Regional Clinical Cardiological Dispensary, Ryazan, Russia

Presented in the article is an original version of the development of vascular-genesis trophic ulcers. The authors have for the first time come out with a suggestion on the relationship between the lobular structure of tissues and microcirculation. To describe this relationship they introduce the notion of the haemodynamic module (HM). The HM is considered to mean a limited by the fibrous capsule functional tissue fragment including haemic and lymphatic vessels. The HM including only the capillary network belongs to the 1st level, that including arterioles belongs to the 2nd level, and the HM including arteries belongs to the 3rd level. The HMs respond by altering their internal pressure on arterial vasomotion and create a significant addition to the vis a tergo. Impairments of arterial or venous circulation are accompanied and followed by pathological changes in HMs, inducing alterations of the epithelium-matrix communications and the development of trophic ulcers.

KEY WORDS: trophic ulcers, atherosclerosis, chronic venous insufficiency, haemodynamic module, microcirculation, compression therapy.

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