Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2013 • VOLUME 19 • №4

Combined correction of impairments of the functional state of the haemostasis system in patients with ischaemic stroke

Bekbosynov A.Zh.

Chair of Surgery, Pavlodar Branch of the State Medical University of the city of Semey, Municipal Hospital No 1, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

The present study was aimed at assessing the results of combined administration of fractionated heparin and clopidogrel in treatment of patients with ischaemic stroke.

We examined a total of seventy-three patients with acute impairments of cerebral circulation (41 men and 32 women). The patients’ average age amounted to 54.1± 2.0 years (range from 45 to 65). Depending upon the treatment conducted, the patients were subdivided into 2 groups. The comparison group comprised 35 patients. Of these, 20 were diagnosed as having ischaemic stroke and 15 had transitory ischaemic attack and treated by conventional complex conservative therapy. The study group comprised 38 patients (20 with ischaemic stroke and 18 with transitory ischaemic attack) receiving combined conservative treatment using the method of correction of the haemostasis state, including combined use of fractionated heparin and clopidogrel.

With a considerable clinical effect, combined use of fractionated heparin and clopidogrel was not accompanied by a pronounced decrease in the indices of the haemostasis system, posing the risk for the development of haemorrhagic complications.

KEY WORDS: ischaemic stroke, haemostasis, fractionated heparin, clopidogrel.

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