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2013 • VOLUME 19 • №3

Efficacy of compression knee-high socks ulcer x in treatment of venous-genesis trophic ulcers

Bogdanets L.I., Bogachev V.Yu., Lobanov V.N., Smirnova E.S.

S.I. Spasokukotskу Chair of Faculty Surgery of the Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov

The study was aimed at comparatively assessing the efficacy of treatment for venous trophic ulcers at stages II–III of the wound process using special compression knee-length socks of the ULCER X kit (Sigvaris AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland) and long-stretch bandages Lauma. Compression therapy was included into the programme of outpatient treatment of forty 31-to-74-year-old patients presenting with trophic ulcers (stage II–III of the wound process) with an average area of 5,36±1,1 cm2. The Study Group consisting of 20 patients used compression knitted fabrics in the form of knee-length socks ULCER X and the comparison group (n=20) used long-stretch bandages Lauma.

Results. The obtained findings (6 months) demonstrated that using compression therapy exerted a positive effect on the process of healing of venous trophic ulcers, also proving advantages of compression therapy with the knee-length socks ULCER X that create an adequate level of pressure on the crus and maintain it in long-term daily use, reliably accelerating the healing of venous trophic ulcers as compared with elastic long-stretch bandages. The use of long-stretch elastic bandages in treatment of venous trophic ulcers turned out to be not only ineffective but fraught with a possibility of the development of various complications. During 6 months of follow up the patients using the special knee-length socks ULCER X were found to have 80% of ulcers healed (16 patients), mainly within the first 2 months, whereas using elastic bandages resulted in only 30% of healing (6 patients) by the end of the study. Along with it, we documented a considerable decrease in the malleolar circumference in the study group patients (from 30,05±0,78 to 28,35±0,86 cm) and in the control group from 31,2±30,35 to 30,25±0,75 cm), accompanied and followed by more than a two-fold increase in quality of life of the patients along all the parameters in the study group and a 1.4-fold increase in the control group patients.

KEY WORDS: chronic venous insufficiency, venous trophic ulcers, elastic compression, medical compression knitted fabrics.

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