Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2014 • VOLUME 20 • №1

Use of laser technologies in treatment of chronic venous insufficiency in patients with a wide ostial segment of the main trunks of subcutaneous veins

Lukyanenko M.Yu., Starodubtsev V.B., Karpenko A.A., Sergeevichev D.S.

Centre for Surgical and Hybrid Surgery, Novosibirsk Scientific Research Institute of Circulation Pathology named after Academician E.N. Meshalkin under the RF Ministry of Public Health, Novosibirsk, Russia

Presented herein is the authors’ experience in endovascular laser obliteration of the major trunks of the grate saphenous vein (GSV) with a wide ostial segment (measuring from 15 to 34 mm) in patients presenting with chronic venous insufficiency. Group One patients (n=32) underwent crossectomy followed by endovasal laser obliteration (EVLO) of the GSV’s trunk on the femur. Group Two patients (n=46) were not subjected to crossectomy, whereas obliteration of the GSV’s trunk was carried out immediately from the ostium. In Group One we managed to achieve obliteration of the GSV’s trunk in 32 patients (100%) with no additional interventions, and in Group Two this was achieved in 42 (91.3%) patients. Four patients (8.7%) required performing a secondary procedure of EVLO after which obliteration of the trunk was achieved in all patients of Group Two. There was no evidence of deep-vein thrombosis.

KEY WORDS: great saphenous vein, endovasal laser obliteration.

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