Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2014 • VOLUME 20 • №3



Normative grounds of training in vascular surgery in the Russian Federation
Fokin A.A., Kireev K.A.
P. 15

Correction of endothelial dysfunction as a component in treatment for atherosclerosis obliterans of lower-limb arteries
Kalinin R.E., Suchkov I.A., Pshennikov A.S.
P. 22

Peculiarities of atherosclerotic lesions of lower limb arteries in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Koshkina I.V., Nastavsheva O.D., Sukhorukov E.A., Koshkin M.V.
P. 28

Efficacy and safety of oral anticoagulant Rivaroxaban in patients after implantation of a cava filter
Schastlivtsev I.V., Lobastov K.V., Barinov V.E., Boyarintsev V.V.
P. 35


Additional methods of diagnosis of unstable atherosclerotic plaques in carotid arteries
Danilova M.A., Baidina T.V., Danilov V.N.
P. 39


Hybrid approach in surgery of proximal-type aortic dissection
Chernyavsky A.M., Lyashenko M.M., Alsov S.A., Sirota D.A., Khvan D.S.
P. 47

Remote results of endovascular revascularization in patients with lower limb critical ischaemia (LLCI) kept on chronic
Kaputin M.Yu., Platonov S.A., Ovcharenko D.V., Voronkov A.A., Kiselev M.A.
P. 52

The multilayer flow modulator stent (MFM) for the treatment of arterial aneurysms
Henry M., Benjelloun A., Henry I.
P. 67-79

First experience with SUPERA Veritas stent in treatment of patients with occlusive and stenotic lesions of the femoropopliteal arterial segment
Eroshkin I.A., Eroshenko An.V., Eroshenko Al.V., Molokopoi S.N.
P. 86


The place of novel oral anticoagulants in prevention and treat-ment of venous thromboembolism
Petrov V.I., Shatalova O.V., Maslakov A.S., Shatalov A.A.
P. 93

Optimization of anticoagulation therapy for venous thromboembolism
Sukovatykh B.S., Mikhin V.P., Belikov L.N., Chernyatina M.A., Gladchenko M.P., Savchuk O.F.
P. 100

Experience with six-month administration of red vine leaf extract in hormone-induced phlebopathy
Tsukanov Yu.T., Tsukanov A.Yu.
P. 107


Possibility of endovascular correction of defects after carotid endarterectomy
Bazylev V.V., Shmatkov M.G., Morozov Z.A.
P. 114

Assessment of efficacy of reconstructive operations on carotid arteries in combination of stenosis and pathological tortuosity
Gavrilenko A.V., Kuklin A.V., Khripkov A.S., Abramyan A.V.
P. 122

Pathological deformities of carotid arteries: aetiology, pathogenesis, clinical and pathomorphological alterations
Kuzyk Yu.I.
P. 128

Efficacy of various types of femoropopliteal crural bypass grafting
Sazhinov A.P., Chupin A.V., Lukinsky A.V.
P. 133

Choosing the method of reconstructive operation in patients with atherosclerotic occlusion of the femoral-popliteal-tibial segment in the stage of critical ischaemia
Kazakov Yu.I., Lukin I.B.
P. 140

Contribution of professor V.A. Kornilov (1937-1993) to vascular surgery
Samokhvalov I.M., Reva V.A.
P. 144


Simultaneous treatment of carotid paraganglioma and stenosis of the carotid arteries
Fokin A.A., Degtyarev M.S., Borsuk D.A.
P. 147

Endoprosthetic repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm complicated by rupture into the vena cava inferior with formation of an aortocaval fistula
Ignatyev I.M., Volodyukhin M.Yu., Krepkogorsky N.V., Zanochkin A.V.
P. 153

Operative treatment of an aortocaval fistula
Panfilov S.D., Panfilov D.S., Vasin A.S., Aleksandrov D.S., Reinik V.Ya., Gotlib A.D.
P. 159


Stagewise treatment of a patient with multifocal atherosclerosis, critical limb ischaemia, and surgical infection
Svetlikov A.V., Karev A.V., Melnikov M.V., Galkin P.A.
P. 164


Semi-closed endarterectomy from the superficial femoral artery
Abramov I.S., Maitesyan D.A., Lazaryan T.A.
P. 169