Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2014 • VOLUME 20 • №2


Selected pages of history of vascular surgery in Russia
Pokrovsky A.V., Glyantsev S.P.
P. 20

Professor Iosif Khaimovich Rabkin and his priorities in roentgenoendovascular surgery
Glyantsev S.P.
P. 23

Academician V.A. Nasonova’s role in the study of systemic vasculitides
Shilkina N.P.
P. 26

Effect of drug therapy for chronic obliterating diseases of lower-limb arteries on the state of the microcirculatory bed
Uchkin I.G., Zudin A.M., Bagdasaryan A.G., Fedorovich A.A.
P. 36

Efficacy of using VEGF165 gene in comprehensive treatment of patients with stage 2А-3 lower limb chronic ischaemia
Deev R.V., Bozo I.Ya., Mzhavanadze N.D., Nersesyan E.G., Chukhralya O.V., Shvalb P.G., Chervyakov Yu.V., Staroverov I.N., Kalinin R.E., Voronov D.A., Gavrilenko A.V., Isaev A.A.
P. 48


Ultrasound assessment of alterations in venous haemodynamics in patients with post-thrombotic disease permanently taking phlebotonics
Zudin A.M., Zasorina M.A., Vikhert T.A., Gonsales A.K., Tarkovskii A.A.
P. 57


Hybrid operative interventions in patients with multi-level atherosclerotic lesions of lower-limb arteries
Karpenko A.A., Starodubtsev V.B., Ignatenko P.V., Zoloev D.G.
P. 65

Possibilities of endovascular surgery in treatment of acute arterial impairment of mesenteric blood circulation
Khripun A.I., Salikov A.V., Shuryguin S.N., Mironkov A.B., Pryamikov A.D.
P. 77


Restoration of valvular function of deep veins in lower-limb varicose disease
Pokrovsky A.V., Gradusov E.G., Ignatiev I.M., Akhmetzyanov R.V.
P. 89

Ultrasound elastography in assessing efficacy of treatment for lower limb varicose veins with a phlebotrophic drug containing a micronized purified flavonoid fraction
Zubarev A.R., Krivosheeva N.V., Demidova A.K., Rychkova I.V.
P. 96

Role of compression bandage with elevated level of pressure in decreasing incidence of venous thrombosis in high-risk patients
Barinov V.E., Lobastov K.V., Tsaplin S.N., Schastlivtsev I.V., Boyarintsev V.V., Laberko L.A.
P. 104

Review of materials of the fourth European Venous Forum (Stockholm, Sweden)
Porembskaya O.Ya., Meltsova A. Zh., Bulatov V.L.
P. 108


Combined anaesthesia in reconstructive operations on carotid arteries
Krainik V.M., Kozlov S.P., Deshko Yu.V., Gavrilenko A.V., Kouklin A.V.
P. 117

Surgical aspects of treatment for bilateral atherosclerotic lesion of carotid arteries
Karimov Sh.I., Sunnatov R.D., Irnazarov A.A., Yulbarisov A.A., Muminov R.T., Alidzhanov Kh.K.
P. 123

Remote results of surgical reconstruction of the aortic arch in patients with proximal aortic dissection
Alsov S.A., Chernyavsky A.M., Lyashenko M.M., Sirota D. A., Khvan D.S., Vinogradova T.E., Lomivorotov V.V.
P. 131

Comparative analysis of the results of using the method of elimination of sternal infection and standard methodology of cardiosurgical operations
Basylev V.V., Rosseikin E.V., Karpunkin O.A., Mikulyak A.I.
P. 139

Results of using composite bypass grafts with infragenicular distal anastomosis
Pokrovsky A.V., Yakhontov D.I.
P. 147


Efficacy of intravenous iloprost (Ilomedin®) in salvage of the only extremity in a patient with thrombangiitis obliterans
Gaisin I.R., Bagautdinova Z.R., Trukhina A.A., Burlaeva N.A. , Gibadullina L.R., Timonin D.V., Smirnov I.A., Maksimov N.I.
P. 156

Hybrid technology in treatment of severe combined pathology
Chernyavsky A.M., Kavteladze Z.A., Chernyavsky M.A., Edemsky A.G.
P. 162-166


15-year experience with PTFE-grafts "Ecoflon" in Leriche’s syndrome
Maksimov A.V., Plotkinkov M.V., Galiullin O.F.
P. 173

Endovascular prosthetic repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm combined with crossover femorofemoral bypass grafting
Chupin A.V., Kolosov R.V., Lesnyak V.N., Deryabin S.V., Belov M.A., Prokofieva N.V., Nishchenko A.V.
P. 179